Performing: Toddler Time

Like most musicians in their twenties, I have a full time job so that I that I can afford a roof over my head when making music. I work at the Cameo Cinema in Edinburgh, a 100 year old cinema that Cary Grant and Orson Wells have graced with their suave presence in the past.

It’s been one of my favourite places in the city since I first moved to Edinburgh in 1996 and it’s amazing to be a part of its family since this summer.



My team at the Cameo are an amazing and creative bunch and support my music and my hobbies constantly. Each week the Cameo has an event called Toddler Time, where parents can bring their babies to see a short film.

During October, Toddler Time featured a showing of Room on the Broom, an animated version of the children’s book by  Julia Donaldson and Axel Sheffler, of the same name. After the showing, I performed two Halloween songs to the children on the stage in the beautiful Screen One, one which I found online entitled, ‘5 Little Pumpkins’, which is essentially Itty Bitty Spider is terms of chords and melody. And I wrote my own song entitled, ‘The Witch That Couldn’t Cackle’, about a witch named Gruntilda who was made fun of by her witch friends for not being able to cackle.

I got to hang out with the parents and their kids afterwards and the reception I got was fantastic. Despite messing up some chords due to nerves as I hadn’t performed in so long.

After the event, I’m now looking at regularly performing for children and even studying and listening to examples of children performers and I hope I get the chance to perform more at the Cameo in the future.

Thank you parents and managers at the Cameo Cinema for making the resident Witch Rosalie feel so welcome!

~ Little Record Girl x



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