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Amiibo Collecting: Tips, Tricks and Collecting on a Budget

It’s 2014, the first line of Nintendo’s amiibos is released, you like the look of one or two and are happy that it isn’t something you want to collect the entirety of, knowing just how many will come out and how much that’s gonna set you back. Then you have one you recently bought in…
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Journal: It’s All In The Mind, What PaRappa Means To Me

I’m going to describe a staple situation from my childhood: I’d get a new game, either by saving up pocket money, for a birthday present, or I’d borrow one from a friend, and become fanatical about it. I would discuss it at great lengths to friends and family, whether they wanted to listen or not,…
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Little Record Girl’s Top 10 Pre – Con Tips

So, you want to go to a convention? Or maybe you’ve been going to conventions for a while, and want to bring along a friend who’s new to the idea and you want to prepare them as best as possible? I compiled a list of what I think is the 10 most important pieces of…
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My Hopes for Pokemon Go

You’d have to be living under a Geodude (see what I did there) to not of heard about Pokemon Go, Nintendo’s latest delve into the world of mobile gaming, alongside developers Niantic Inc. I just ventured outside to take out the rubbish, decided to walk around the block and spotted many people, suspiciously holding out…
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My Monthly Favourite (Feb)

As a major first step in my self care, after my mental break down of October 2015, I’ve been slowly working away at doing some bedroom DIY. First time I’ve ever  hung up shelves and painted walls since moving away from home and being an independant person, and I feel like a right adult n’ that.…
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Event: Scotland Comic Con 2015

Most of the time, I’m in front of the lens, but since my 21st birthday I’ve had a Canon DSLR in my midst but never really gone out and used it. It came with a 55mm lens which is great for learning, and good for general group photos and the occasion portrait, but a few…
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Tutorial: Setting Up Your Own Website

Over the past few months, I’ve gotten a few messages asking for help getting started doing freelance work, particularly music and voice acting. I’ve only started doing voice acting recently myself, but because of my history of marketing myself as a freelancer for singing and game audio, I already had a lot of tools at…
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Event: Glasgow Comic Con 2015

It’s been exactly a week since I was gracing the rooms of the CCA of Glasgow, venue again for this years Glasgow Comic Con as Merida, Scotland’s best (and I believe only) fictional Princess. This was the third year in a row I’ve been to this event, and even with my move to England getting closer…
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