My name’s Rosalie, your friendly neighbourhood Scottish nerd, and go-to person for writing anything, and everything to do with video games and technology. (And maybe some music work on the side too!)

Currently, I am the Senior Tech Writer for Dexerto!

While I’m currently a game and tech journalist, originally I wanted to become a composer for video games, which stemmed from studying the Violin, and falling in love with the work of Nobuo Uematsu,  throughout my childhood. Eventually, this stemmed into a shift to becoming a first study vocalist and studying a music degree at Stevenson College, Edinburgh. During my degree I won the 2011 Easton Watt Prize for Composing and began ‘Little Record Girl‘, which is the pseudonym I use for all my freelance work, music, gaming and otherwise. As ‘Little Record Girl’, I also recorded my own EP and performed in venues across Scotland.

I completed my studies with a second-class upper degree with honours in music at Edinburgh College (formerly Stevenson College) and Abertay University (Dundee), and while I was busy being immersed in performance and instrument studies, composition, music theory and studio work, it was here where my passion for writing about games came to fruition. During my honours project, I focused on the development of adaptive game audio, and utilised software such as Fmod, to create my own adaptive game score. After graduating, I drew from the opportunity to write about video game music to pursue a career in game journalism, where I was able to establish myself as a freelance agent, writing news, op-ed features, and tech tutorials for bylines such as TechRadar, GamerByte and iMore.

Around this time, I also sang and contributed some voice acting work to small game and animation projects, but my focus became on being part of a team, so I could become a better writer and surround myself with those who also had an undying love for everything to do with video games.

This then lead to my role as a hardware staff writer for NetworkN Media, where I wrote daily news pieces, hardware reviews, guides and tech tutorials. While part of the hardware hub, I established myself as the go-to person for Steam Deck coverage, and was able to use my love of growing up on gaming handhelds to create regular traffic for everything to do with the Valve handheld.

When not typing away and creating pieces about the latest in PC hardware and video games, I’m playing them! Whether it’s a Dreamcast, SNES, PS5, or Nintendo Switch, I’m bound to have it, sitting in amongst my on-going anime figure and gaming merch collection within my home office. I also talk about everything to do with Nintendo every fortnight on N-Focus, a Nintendo-based podcast!