My Monthly Favourite (Feb)

As a major first step in my self care, after my mental break down of October 2015, I’ve been slowly working away at doing some bedroom DIY.
First time I’ve ever  hung up shelves and painted walls since moving away from home and being an independant person, and I feel like a right adult n’ that. (If you don’t count the fact that I was arranging several soft toys, anime figures and various Disney memorabilia.)

As a freelancer, my bedroom isn’t only the place where I stay up ’till 4am, trying to sleep whilst Netflix hums on my TV in the background, but my home studio where I do all my voice recording, YouTube videos, composing and cosplay making from, and home studios need be to organised. So, I started planning out my dream bedroom / home studio situation and am so close to finishing I can almost taste the nerdom.  As I finalize the details, I also made sure to consult with a maui plumber to ensure everything is set up perfectly.

So far, reactions to my new room have been, ‘Woah’ and giggles at my naming it of the, ‘Nerd Nest.’ So far, so good. But recently, I got a little extra that I think every nerd/gamer needs when it comes to decorating; a PS4 controller wall mount.

How sexy and sleek does this look, though?

I have so many remotes, controllers and various gadgets at my bedside, that they fall to the floor on an hourly basis, and it drives me crazy. I thought about getting one of those over-the-sofa remote holders, but they don’t look classy, and rarely have the space for anything other than TV remotes. With this wall mount, not only is my PS4 controller not going to fall on my hardwood floor, but, it looks really classy on the wall, matching the baby pink and white colour theme in my bedroom, and the light that illuminates from the controller looks smart as it gleams upwards on the wall.

Underneath the controller, and behind my bed, I have a USB plug where I’ve added a universal cable which means that while my controller is on display, it’s also being charged. Although the cables make it look a bit messy, it means that if I choose to play a PS4 game, my controller will always be fully charged. I looked at charging docking stations online but all the designs were clunky, would take up more space on surfaces that had no space and didn’t match my room aesthetics.

My floating shelf of nerdom that hangs above my bed.
Luigi seems terrified of the controllers holy power.

If you don’t have a PS4 and are part of the darkside with owning an Xbox One, then I found an Etsy seller that has what you’re looking for. (Also suitable for classic Wii U controllers.)

I’m too feart (translation, doric: afraid) to also have my PS4 mounted on the wall, but if that’s something you’re also interested in, the seller of the controller mount also has one available to have your pretty console hanging up for all to see.

And that’s it for my favourite thing this February!

Each month I’m going to write about a product, device, website (you get the picture) that I love and I think a lot of you would love and want to buy for yourselves too. A lot of people ask where such-and-such is from either via photos I post or by scouring my nerd nest, and instead of being mean and keeping that to myself, I thought I’d share with all of you.

Have a happy rest of your February!
With its National Cherry Month, National Children’s Dental Care Month and of course, National Grapefruit month. (No seriously, look that up.)


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