Composing: Messing around with 8bit

Like most students, I spent the evening stalling from doing actual composition work that I needed to do for university and created a track using YMCK’s Magical 8bit plug-in┬áinstead.
I’ve been listening to a ridiculous amount of Anamanaguchi lately, usually it’s just been a case of having ‘Prom Night’ on repeat and got inspired to write my own track. (Basically, my result sounds like an awful rip-off but oh well.)

What I came up with was this.

For the time being, the vocal recordings are just placeholders. I lost my voice at Kitacon and am slowly getting it back. Being a singer and not being able to sing is horrifying. Technically I shouldn’t of been trying at all as that’ll make it worse but I was itching to get the melody down as I really enjoy what I came up with.

The second part of the track is going to involve a tempo change and be really up-beat and dance worthy. So again, basically a rip-off of ‘Prom Night’. I actually had a lot of fun with this track, sample, whatever you want to call it, and I fancy adding 8bit sounds to my next recordings. ┬áI’m looking at finally creating my album after I graduate as I’ve found somewhere to record it.

Hopefully I can find the time to finish this wee track but in the mean time, enjoy the sample!

~ Little Record Girl x



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