Galaxy Drop

It’s been 17 days since I posted that I wanted to become a voice actress, and within those 17 days, I’ve managed to get my first credited voice acting work within a video game!

I’ve been very overwhelmed by the support from friends, family, my friends within various creative industries and voice actors I look up to. Particularly, Petrea┬áBurchard, who played a big role throughout my childhood, being the voice of Space Pirate Ryoko, one of my favourite fictional characters within Japanese anime in a series called Tenchi Muyo. Petrea gave me the advice of, just going out there and doing it, rather than spending all my initial time reading book after book. The best experience is to learn from what you do right and what you do wrong. And that’ve what I’ve done. And because of her wise words, I’ve managed to get work, I’ve managed to say that my voice is in a video game, and I’m currently working on projects and getting wonderful feedback that I never thought I’d ever receive.

Although sadly I have yet to meet Petrea, it’s amazing that she has spent her time giving me advice and support. If my younger self, who proudly displayed two figures of the character she voiced in her room, knew that she’d be getting support from that voice now, she wouldn’t believe me! I look up to a lot of people in various industries and I’ve been lucky to meet a lot of them or become good friends with them through online correspondence. Although I hate coming across as a deranged fan, I just want to let these people know what an amazingly positive and profound effect they’ve had on my life and my career as a singer, composer and hopefully soon to be voice actress.

Without people like Petrea, I wouldn’t be able to post this video of gameplay below, featuring my voice!

Galaxy Drop is a game being developed by Park Productions, and there’s currently a Kickstarter for additional funding, the link to which you can find here.


A big thank you to those at Park Productions, Petrea and to all my friends, fans and those who have contacted me for VA work. It means the world to me that you all believe in me achieving my dreams and I couldn’t do it without you. I can’t wait to share more future work with you all!

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