If it’s a strong Scottish female Singer, Songwriter, Composer or Voice Actor, you’ve came to the right place.

My name’s Rosalie, and I go by ‘Little Record Girl’. I’m a Singer-Songwriter, Composer and Voice Actor for video games and other media, and am very passionate about video games, film, animation and live music.

I’ve been studying music since I was 5 years old, where I focussed on learning the Cello, then later the Violin. Learning classical instruments gave me the knowledge and confidence to take my music education further, where I auditioned and got a place within Edinburgh College’s (formally Stevenson College) Popular Music Degree. While studying music full time, I changed my first study to Vocals, as that’s where my passion was, and Composition my second, inspired by the likes of Nobuo Uematsu to one day create music for video games. During my degree, I also won the 2011 Easton Watt Prize for Composing and began ‘Little Record Girl’, which is the pseudonym I use for all my freelance work. As ‘Little Record Girl’, I also recorded my own EP and performed in venues across Scotland, and am currently in the middle of writing my first full-length album.

I graduated in 2014 with a 2:1 in Music Performance, and since have been establishing myself as a freelancer, and have been able to network and gain work with others I admire and look up to.

If it’s a strong, Scottish female voice you’re wanting for commercial or character acting-driven work, think of Little Record Girl! Due to my love of video games and animation, I was always fascinated by voice actors, and a lot of the times looked up to them more so than their live-action counterparts. It wasn’t until cosplaying and attending conventions, as well as networking online, that I was able to meet and talk to a lot of voice actors that I looked up to, and as a result, I was inspired to finally see if that was a good path for me to go down, already having the recording equipment at hand because of my music was a nice advantage!

I’ve worked with clients such as Will Morton of Solid Audioworks and Hugh David of 4DA Publishing to deliver voice work, and am always eager to try new projects from all different types of media.

Currently, I am working on setting up my own home studio, so I can continue to produce professional and clear-sounding audio from home, along with as working vigorously on my first music album and my vocal, composition, and voice acting showreels and demos.

Current Home Studio Set-Up: Rode NT1A Microphone – Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 – Logic Pro X

New Demos currently in progress.