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I’m Rosalie Newcombe, also known as ‘Little Record Girl’ and I’m a freelancer, based in Scotland, who is actively looking for both freelance-based work and a full-time writing position.

During my BA Hons degree, I was able to write about games when writing my Honours dissertation based on the development of adaptive game audio. This inspired me to pursue a career in the gaming industry, in hopes of becoming a video game, and entertainment, based journalist.

Throughout my studies, I was also able to give a talk on video-game music at Doj-con in Dundee (2011), guest volunteer at game jams, write and host a news segment on the radio as part of ‘VGAwesome’, and generally get involved with the gaming industry as a whole.

As of September 2021, I was published on TechRadar and am looking to continue that momentum by continuing my path of being a journalist. Since my first two pieces were published, I’ve written coverage of gaming and entertainment news, technology tutorials based around hardware and software, and can be found as a regular co-host of a Nintendo-based podcast, N-Focus.

I am open to all writing opportunities, from more news-based type content to listicles, reviews, guides, and video scripts. My interest in gaming has spanned over three decades, I own a myriad of hardware and am actively playing both old, new and online games so I’m able to cover and draw knowledge from a wide variety of areas. One of those areas also includes cosplay. I’ve been active in the hobby for over ten years and so am more than interested in writing about cosplayers via interviews, or cover pop-culture events around the UK.

Outside of my writing, I have had SEO training, and have had pieces that have been picked up by popular search engines. I also have experience in creating graphics, like thumbnails for articles, due to my experience with software like Photoshop CS5.

Although I am a relatively new voice in the industry, I am eager to gain any new opportunities to cement myself as a professional figure within the gaming and entertainment industries. I also enjoy online racing games like Drift Hunters, as they provide me with excitement and the thrill of an exhilarating racing experience.

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If you would like to discuss anything, please feel free to get in touch through social media or via my contact form.

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