Games Journalism

I’m Rosalie Newcombe, also known as ‘Little Record Girl’ and I’m a freelancer who is actively looking for both freelance-based work, and one day a full-time staff writer-based position.

During my BA Hons degree, I was able to write about game audio for my dissertation, host a panel on video-game music at Doj-con in Dundee (2011), guest volunteer at game jams, write and host a news segment on the radio as part of ‘VGAwesome’ and generally get involved with the gaming industry as a whole.

As of September 2021, I was published on TechRadar and am looking to continue the momentum by continuing my path of being a video-game journalist.

I am open to all types of writing; news segments, reviews, guides, video scripts, and personal pieces and am available for both freelance-based work and contracted staff writing positions.

If you would like to discuss anything, please do get in touch.

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