My name’s Rosalie, and I go by ‘Little Record Girl’. I’m a freelance composer, vocalist and voice actor for video games and other media, and am very passionate about video-games, film, animation, live music and most things associated with being ‘geeky.’

I began studying music when I auditioned and got a place within Edinburgh College’s (formally Stevenson College) Popular Music Degree, though previously I had a background in the study of the Cello and Violin. While studying music in further education, I eventually grew to have Vocals as my first study, and Composition my second, although I still play the Violin and can play a variety of instruments to varying degrees. During my degree, I also won the 2011 Easton Watt Prize for Composing and began ‘Little Record Girl’, which is the pseudonym I use for all my freelance work. As ‘Little Record Girl’, I also recorded my own EP and performed in venues across Scotland.

I graduated in 2014 with a 2:1 in Music Performance, and since have been establishing myself as a freelancer, and have been able to network and gain work with others I admire and look up to.

Due to my love of video-games and animation, I was always fascinated by voice actors, and a lot of the times looked up to them more-so than their live-action counterparts. It wasn’t until cosplaying and attending conventions, as well as networking online, that I was able to meet and talk to a lot of voice actors that I looked up to, and as a result, I was inspired to finally see if that was a good path for me to go down, already having the recording equipment at hand because of my music was a nice advantage!

Advertising my interest in voice work, I was able to work with Will Morton of Solid Audioworks, who had worked on a lot of games that I was a fan of growing up, such as the Grand Theft Auto franchise, and via his direction, became passionate about becoming a professional voice actor. Currently, I am working on my first voice acting demo reel, and although I’ve worked on a lot of NDA projects, I am actively auditioning and working on roles to further develop my VA skills.